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Food Preservation Techniques to Consider

No individual can underestimate the essence of preserving food. If you don’t know how to preserve food properly, then you’ll likely be incurring a lot of loses in your home to say the least. Because food preparations takes plenty of your time and resources, it means that you ought to preserve your food. Some of the techniques for preserving foods are listed in this article. The hope is that after checking out this article you’ll preserve your food to last longer.
Using sun drying technique to preserve food.

Drying is arguably one of the oldest methods of food preservation out there. A majority of people never utilize sun drying to preserve their food, yet it is a technique that has been around from since time immemorial. Spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, meats and fish are some of the foods that can be preserved through sun drying. Drying food involves using the energy from the sun to remove moisture in food. Some of the nations famous for this technique are India and Italy. For example, India is famous for drying chilies and mangoes while Italy is famous for it’s tomato drying technique. Sun drying is an efficient method of preserving food, especially for areas without power.

Salting method

You can also preserve food using salting method,which has been around for many centuries. The salting method works by removing moisture content from food. Using salt helps food stay for longer shelf life because it draws moisture from food.


Canning is a food preservation technique developed by in France in 18th century. This technique simply works through heating food specific temperatures, then storing them in sealed containers. This method is quite popular when it come to preserving foods like vegetables, meats,fish, beans etc. Food may be preserved in metal cars or glass jars, though it must be sanitized first. In short, canning food isn’t a complicated process as food is heated, packed in an airtight container, and then the container is put into boiling water for a couple of minutes. After boiling the cans or glass jars are cooled.

Freezing Method

In the past, people used to carry ice from the mountain just to preserve food. Nowadays, the situation is different because technology has enabled us has to have freezing equipment. Freezing is highly recommended if you are searching for an easy method of preserving food. The good thing is that a majority of people in western hemisphere own freezing equipment in the homes. Contemplate using cool boxes, if you plan to preserve food items when on a camping expedition.

Food can be preserved using lots of methods. Nonetheless, very few people understand the art and science of food preservation. Learning all sorts of food preservation methods can help you save money in the long time.

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